Australian exporters, its time to get internet savvy.


Australian exporters, its time to get internet savvy. A recent McKinsey report shows us that Chinese consumers are more internet focussed than many of us may have assumed. Of particular interest to Australian exporters looking to the China market as a potential target for their brand is that;

here -Chinese consumers are more likely to trust a brand’s corporate website
-Chinese consumers research their products more than other consumers
-Chinese consumers are very proactive when it comes to Internet wordof mouth.

(McKinsey Quarterly, China’s new pragmatic consumers, October 2010)

This means Australian exporters should start thinking about ensuring their English website is;

*hosted by a company that is not banned in China (yes some hosting companies are not permitted in China meaning your website is not viewable);
*have a good quality translation of their English version site; and
*invest in SEO and social media marketing by a Company that is an expert in the China market.

If you have no idea how to do any of this,contact our office as we regularly put our export clients in contact with the right service providers.

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