Can you e-commerce from Australia to China


Can you e-commerce from Australia to China

go to site Lately there has been a lot of talk about China’s e-revolution: with over 500 million internet users, and a fast growing online retail industry, it is not a market to ignore. But many Australian companies have been wondering how to engage this market, and if it’s possible to ecommerce with China while remaining in Australia.

source url The answer is: Yes, and we’ll show you how!

Before you launch into China’s AU $114.2 billion dollar e-commerce industry, your website will need severalfeatures in order to help you succeed. If your website has the following, you will be well on your way to effectively engaging Chinese customers, and making sure your transactions go according to plan!

1. An online payment portal, that will accept Chinese currency and Chinese credit cards
2. Cheap and efficient shipping, that will ensure your goods arrive in China safely and on time.
3. Communication tools, so that customers fully understand your products and services, and can contact you if they have any questions
4. A China SEO plan, so your Chinese customers can find you online.
Happy online trading!

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