Canton fair haze?


Canton fair haze?

Well you should have all returned form the Canton Fair by now. If I recall the feeling on return its pretty much – thank goodness that’s over – in a good way of course. The Canton Fair can be fantastic but also overwhelming. So while you are sitting there looking at the massive number of supplier brochures you brought back with you, let me give you some timely advise about what to do next. Step 1. Review your brochures and be brutal. I know you made a huge effort to bring them back with you and are probably feeling guilty about the excess luggage cost, but realistically many of them will not relate to your current product range and at least 50% of them probably link back to trading companies or dodgy middle men.

source url Step 2. Make a small pile of the brochures you really, really like. I suggest you start with a maximum of 3 suppliers for each product range. If you are contacting the suppliers yourself, it will be hard for you to manage more than 3 conversations at one time and you may miss something.

buy Lyrica online canada Step 3. Contact your shortlisted suppliers and do some checks. Ultimately you want to work with factories. Things you need to be sure of;
• they are a registered manufacturer
• they have an export license
• they have experience in manufacturing your products
• they will allow an inspector into the factory to check them/their goods
• they have no issue sending you copies of their registration documents
• their bank account is in the company name

If you are making customised products with unique logo’s, moulds or designs, you also need to be sure;
• they will protect your intellectual property and not sell it or share it with others
• they will agree to sign a confidentiality/anti circumvention contract
• you maintain ownership of the moulds and can take possession of them at any time

Step 4. Order your trade contract by speaking to a qualified China experienced lawyer (not the type that sells templates on the web). Even if you are a small startup company, a contract is a necessary cost of doing business. While you are there, ask them about protecting your intellectual property by putting in place a confidentiality/anti-circumvention contract and registering your trademark and patent in China.

Step 5. Call China Blueprint: I know you think ordering from China seems easy, but the reality is – things can go wrong and if they do go wrong it’s usually you who pays. We can help you set up the process and learn the ropes. It won’t cost much and you will have a working procedure that works. (Sorry for the blatant pitch – I have had a lot of people ring me this month with numerous problems – all new importers!). Once you get the hang of it, you can do it yourself and simply use us for inspection.

Good luck and happy importing…oh, I forgot to mention, send the remaining brochures to be recycled