CE certified? Look closer.


CE certified? Look closer.

go The CE symbol stands for “Conformité Européenne”.

1800 mg neurontin Many factories producing electronics in China will boast that their products meet the CE regulations which include all safety requirements of the European Union.

This is relevant to Australian importers because, in many cases, CE regulations are the same as Australian standards and we can use this as a way of gauging the capabilities and eligibility of a factory when beginning a sourcing project.

As with all Chinese factory claims, we need to remember to never accept this information at face value. We have to look closer, perform due diligence and do whatever is necessary to reassure us and our clients that the manufacturers we choose are being honest, transparent and that their claims are true.

This CE symbol is a perfect example of how easy it is for a factory in China to deceive importers. Have a look at the two logos below.


The first logo is the official CE symbol; the second is an unregistered mark which can be found on electronic items manufactured in China which stands for “China Export”

This isn’t exactly recent news, but it is something everyone should be aware of when importing products from China. Dealing with China is not the same as a purchasing from a local wholesaler in Australia. There is a high risk factor that comes with low cost country sourcing. Always ask for certificates and test reports to certify actual CE products, always perform third party testing and quality control inspections and, most importantly, don’t believe anything you read on B2B websites until you verify it.

CE 2

The real CE Certification Symbol can be recognized by completing the semi-circle of the “C”. If the “E” meets the completed circle as in the diagram above, then you have an actual CE certification symbol. However, when sourcing, still ensure the manufacturer has the supporting documentation.

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