China online


China online

buy cheap Neurontin online Exporters, we have been telling you for a while now that social media in China is an important part of your marketing strategy there. With over 500million users engaged online, there is no disputing the internet in alive and thriving. Users on average spend around 5 hours a day and their core activities include gaming and shopping. If you want to familiarize yourself with the social and mobile media landscape in China then check out this fantastic presentation prepared by We are Social. If you are contemplating social media as a part of your export marketing strategy its critical that you speak with an expert on this mater. The China market is highly segmented and this includes internet use, so research will be an important part of your planning or you simply wont reach your audience. Furthermore, whilst there are plenty of free online marketing options, the majority of good ones are paid and they are not cheap by any means.

If you need help with your export marketing strategy, speak with us first.

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