Design communications are the key to successful importing!


Design communications are the key to successful importing!

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buy Lyrica online cheap uk Designs and specifications must be made in accordance with strict instructions. This requires clear design communications between the importer and the manufacturer.

Design specifications are typically set out in a specification document or series of documents and are reviewed regularly. Changes or modifications to the designs must be approved and all parties involved need to be updated.

For new and small importers this is as important as it is to large scale importers. You can achieve this through creating a document specification that details all the design information relating to your product, including things like; features, colours, materials, test & standard requirements, artwork, technical drawings such as CAD, packaging and so on – basically all the features that relate to the final finish and functionality of the product.

An important point to note is that you as the importer should specify any inspections or tests which may be required to verify the design. In some cases these inspections or tests may be a separate cost to you and are not absorbed by the manufacturer. We regularly see this aspect of the import project ignored, with new importers expecting the manufacturer to manage and fulfil these expectations. Importers are also not proactive in exploring the standard requirements and tests needed to achieve product compliance for their markets.

An industry standard design control specification is ISO9001-2008. Whilst many Chinese factories will claim this standard, many have not renewed their applications nor infact actually hold them.

All design specifications, whether they are your own or the manufacturers should be documented and agreed upon. They should also be referenced in your ensuing trade contracts.

Should you be unclear about preparing a design specification, speak with one of our consultants who can help you design, review and manage your specifications and communications with your supplier.
In continuing with this discussion, our next blog will feature contracts.

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