Donald Trump – employ the best people but never trust them!


Donald Trump – employ the best people but never trust them!

important link I recently heard Donald Trump speak at an event in Sydney, where he mentioned that one of his many keys to success was “employ the best people but never trust them’.

It resonated with me because I think it can apply across a number of business scenarios. One in particular is ‘employ the best factories but never trust them!’ (Hopefully Donald doesn’t mind me taking creative license)

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When sourcing factories from China I find that all too often, importers pick from the bottom of the barrel, choosing a ‘supplier’ because of price and not because of proven capability. I say ‘supplier’, because 9 out of 10 times, they don’t even choose factories, they end up choosing middle men, agents, wannabe’s and fraudsters who know how to use the internet and create a false business ID.

Importers really should be aiming to pick the ‘BEST’ factories; ones with proven records; export experience in similar western markets; and processes that ensure professionalism and quality. Its only when you choose the best factory can you expect the best quality. Sometimes you will need to pay a little more for this.

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It doesn’t stop there though and as Donald Says – ‘never trust them’ -‘them’ in this case being the factory. Whilst you have now chosen the best, it’s up to you to ensure they clearly understand what you are saying. Often language and a different way of doing business can get in the way of this, which is why ‘do not trust them’ is not necessarily meant with contempt, it simply means – double check that they really get what it is you want. If you are not clear or specific in your communications, they will be sure to make assumptions about what it is you want, based on their own experiences. For example if they regularly produce 100gsm Cotton shirts for K-Mart and K- Mart are an Australian company, then surely you will want 100gsm too because you are Australian – right?

So take Donald’s advice so that by employing the best and ensuring you follow their progress, you will get exceptional results!