How to manage social media campaigns


How to manage social media campaigns Understandably, many business owners want to write their own content for social media channels and are cautious about outsourcing this important service because it’s hard to know if the quality of the content and translation is good. Plus, it can be expensive.With this in mind, do you either:

isotretinoin with out a prescription A. Simply translate your own content with Google?

B. Upload it in English?

C. Send it off to a translation service and hope for the best?

D: Outsource your content to an agency or

E. Give up and target English-speaking markets because it’s all too hard?

You definitely do not do A. Google translation is a poor substitute for culturally attuned translation – it’s simply literal and often doesn’t make sense. It should be used for reference only, never for marketing material.

B is an option really only reserved for global celebrities with an established brand such as Tom Cruise

E is also not an option – it’s too easy to just give up and what happened to your ambition?

And the winner is…

C and D are really the only options if you want to get in to the Chinese market. However, you’ll still need checks and balances in place to make sure these third parties get it right. If you’re having marketing material translated, choose a company that takes the time to learn about your product and has experience in your industry. The best way to check translated work is to translate it back to English, but for most people this is too expensive and time consuming.

China Blueprint recommends, however, that you do it the first couple of times you use a new firm – just to check their process. The best feedback comes from including your Chinese friends on the mailing list: they will quickly tell you if your message is on target and whether the nuance of your message is coming across. You can them take this information back to your service provider and discuss. Don’t expect that getting the style and tone of your message right will happen instantly. It will take time and much to-ing and froing, but it will be worth it.

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