Importer blues – when you think you are dealing with a factory


Importer blues – when you think you are dealing with a factory We were recently approached by an importer who came across our site after he had been experiencing some problems with a supplier in China. His product was an electrical item that was to be made of stainless steel for the food industry.

can you buy fluoxetine over the counter in spain The Importer had sent a 50% deposit but hadn’t yet fully finished communicating all the changes he wanted, when out of the blue he got a call saying “the goods are finished come and get them” – you can imagine his surprise! In the Importers mind the money was sent simply as a goodwill gesture. He didn’t realize the supplier would start production before receiving all his customisation instructions. He was at loss as he still needed significant changes before the products were even ready for the Australian market.
This is when we became involved and were asked get details of the full extent of the products waiting to be shipped. Our goal was to have them corrected if at all possible.

Ok, so you remember I mentioned supplier in the beginning? Well the customer thought they were dealing with a factory. No, you guessed it the person they were talking to, whilst telling them he was the factories ‘sales manager’ was infact a sole distributor. Well, even that’s an exaggeration, ‘he’, now known as Roger, didn’t even have a registered trading company in China, just what we assume to be a home computer with internet access, a skype account and a good grasp of business English!!!

So back to the problem – how were we to find out what the products looked like that were sitting in the factory? It was unlikely Roger, our ‘Sales Manager’ was going to tell us where the factory was, there was no contract and we were now reliant on Roger’s kindness of heart to tell us the trueth…. deep breath! Roger was now solely focused on getting the remainder of the importers money.

I should point this out – until Roger heard from us, he actually thought he had done a great job and was already thinking about ways to spend his $$$!

To fast track this story, we did manage to convince Roger that it was a good idea to make the changes. There were a few touch and go moments, some more money had to be paid, but after much conversation and time spent, Roger finally came round to our way of thinking. I can honestly tell you that it doesn’t always work out this way, and many an Importer has been left ‘holding the baby’.

Lessons for the future;

1. Only work with factories,the good ones pay attention to detail and can answer your questions promptly
2. Get a contract, if all else fails this is a strong negotiation tool and will force you to get a copy of your suppliers business documents for checking (this will help you identify a factory from a trading company – in Chinese)
3. Do no send money until you have a finished version of the final product that you are 100% happy with. The bank account details should be in the factory name.
4. Ensure you send all your communications through before agreeing to accept the order.
5. Have China Blueprint check the factory credentials and do a final article inspection to ensure you get what you want.

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