Importers – writing your quality system


Importers – writing your quality system

Lyrica purchase online australia Whilst your factory is ultimately responsible for the final finish of your products, many new importers will be surprised to hear that they should also develop their own set of quality assurance systems to ensure their outcomes.

Maxalt purchase A quality assurance system means different things for different people. For non-professionals who now find themselves in the import game it simply means a set of procedures overseeing their communication and due diligence processes.

With this in mind its time to get serious. Not only will a quality assurance system help you manage the risks, be more reliable but also make your company more valuable.

So what are the typical subjects that must be addressed? Over the next few blogs, I will introduce you some of the criteria used to help put together your own quality assurance systems;

The Quality Assurance System applies to all activities of the Company. It is fully documented and structured in 3 levels: Quality Manual, Operating Procedures and Quality Planning.

The quality manual is a document that details the corporate quality policy and structure the company and references appropriate operating procedures.

Operating procedures are a set of documents that set out the actual process and controls applied to all activities concerned.

Quality Planning is about ensuring clean lines of communication between the client, the manufacturer and all third parties involved.

When preparing your quality assurance system a good place to start is by setting out the Roles & Responsibilities schedule;

For example, who’s responsible for ordering, approving design changes, approving samples, testing, documentation, contract review and payments etc. This includes a full understanding of the factory reporting lines. In our field this line of communication and responsibility is perhaps one of the most overlooked, with little regard for who on the China side is actually involved in producing the end result.

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