Is sending a copy of your Australian (AS/NZ) standard enough?


Is sending a copy of your Australian (AS/NZ) standard enough?

here enter site Is sending a copy of your Australian (AS/NZ) standard enough? Will Chinese factories be able to read, understand and then comply with your standards?

For goods that are legally required to meet Australian standards, we find our customers struggling with how to get their China factory to achieve compliance.It is thought that if a copy of the standard is sent via email to the factory, that the factory should be able to interpret them, put in place compliance procedures and then guarantee the outcome…

Whilst this sounds ideal, it’s not going to work unless the factory has a strong command of English, is capable of manufacturing to this standard, has compliance procedures in place, is certified and is inclined to benefit from doing so.

When you come across a factory that says, “send me details of that standards I am sure I can meet it”- this is your first warning sign. It could be the case that the factory has certification for other standards, such as an EU- CE standard, and assume that Australian standards are the same. It may also be the case that they have no idea about standards, but don’t want to ruin the potential for a deal.

Chinese factories are not in the habit of searching online to buy a copy of the Australian standards and translate them unless (and this is a big ‘unless’) their core market is Australia and it’s in their financial best interests. It’s more likely that the Australian buyer, wanting a factory to comply, will pay for the standard or testing and the factories subsequent work towards achieving compliance.

When sourcing from China, assumptions about factory compliance can be very dangerous. As the importer you are responsible for the products compliance to local Australian rules and regulations. In most cases, this means the cost of achieving this compliance should be added to your overall cost to import. Factories won’t pay for this compliance unless it is financially viable to do so; why would you expect them to?

Note: By Standards I am referring to compliance standards, not just an expectation of a certain feel or look.

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