Looking for Chinese investment


Looking for Chinese investment

buy modafinil online ireland Having just attended the Fifth Chinese Enterprise Outbound Investment Conference in Beijing, I have the latest statistics produced by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade on outbound Chinese investment. Read the key information based on research of more than 1000 Chinese small and medium enterprises between 2008 and 2010.

go to link 1. In 2009 Chinese companies contributed US$56.53 billion in direct overseas investment,
2. Investments were made into 3125 overseas companies, in 129 countries and regions,
3. Two thirds of companies invested less than US$5 million in 2010, although this is increasing: in 2010, 8% invested over US$100 million, up from 1% in 2008–2009.
4. Regions targeted for investment in 2009 were Asia (46%), Europe (23%), North America (27%), Africa (22%), Oceania (7%) and Latin America (3%). In 2010, the interest in Oceania increased a few percentage points.5. Overseas investments were focused primarily on manufacturing, retail, agriculture, forestry, husbandry, fishery and construction; and in secondary areas of transportation, real estate, accommodation and software. Mergers and acquisitions only made up a small percentage of these.
6. Key challenges for Chinese companies included having no idea how to expand into global markets, difficulty in finding qualified partners, poor knowledge of local market administrative processes and legal formalities.

Australia was well represented at this conference with a seminar held on investing in here. Speakers included representatives from Rio Tinto, Atlas Iron Ore, Sundance Resources, Yancoal, China Construction Bank, ANZ, KPMG and Norton Rose. The key message was that Australia is a great place to invest and that the regulatory requirements are not quite as complex as rumour would have you believe.

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