Optomise your eCommerce site to point to China – 7 tips!


Optomise your eCommerce site to point to China – 7 tips!

http://ourdentalplan.com/dental-health/ If you have an Australian eCommerce site and you want to optimise it point towards China, here are some pointers:

get link 1. Say it in Chinese. With between 1-2% of China’s entire population speaking English, it’s important that you have a Chinese translation for your customers. This would include product information, your sales pitch, call to action, instructions and trade terms and conditions.

2. Have a Renminbi option. China Union Pay is the only bank card association in China; it has 750 million cardholders, and this number is only set to grow. Chinese shoppers purchase online using their union pay cards. This year, Australia officially launched its first Union Pay–NAB online payment portal in Australia, joining the 8 million plus merchants in the world that currently have this facility. This potentially opens up our eCommerce sites to 750 million new shoppers – not bad considering Union Pay reports that Chinese shoppers tend to spend predominantly on luxury brands, hotels, T&E, F&B, jewellery and health care!

3. Provide a global warranty inclusive of China. Chinese shoppers want quality assurance, just like any other shopper. Having a warranty offer applicable to China will definitely make you more credible.

4. Provide lots of information. We’re talking plenty of product pictures, product information, company information, etc. Keep in mind for many Chinese consumers, this may be the first time they have heard about your product and/or brand name. By giving them ample background information, you’re teaching them about who you are why you are unique, building your value proposition in the process.

5. Have a feasible freight option. Freight is the single biggest challenge international eCommerce sites shipping to China will ace. Not only is it expensive, but there are also quarantine regulations that can cause problems at the border. Your online business should have a freight option that is cost-efficient, reliable and timely to court Chinese consumers.

6. Have great customer service. Goods customer service is about being responsive to your customers; this means answering their questions, addressing their complaints and following up, which means you will need to read, write and speak Chinese. This is a service worth outsourcing if you don’t have the capacity.

7. Social media marketing. McKinsey regularly investigate consumer purchase influencers, and according to their most recent report, you need social media marketing to stand a chance in the eCommerce market in China. It also needs to be available on Chinese platforms such as Weibo or Renren. Also if you’re not on Baidu, you’re not online! Baidu is China’s answer to search engine optimisation – it is the largest and most powerful in China. Having a great search ranking in Google will not help you in China, so you need to adapt your social media marketing accordingly.

China Blueprint Online can help you with any or all of these points. Don’t forget to drop us a line if you would like to find out more.

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