Top ten reasons Australian SME’s should set up a Weibo account

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Top ten reasons Australian SME’s should set up a Weibo account

Weibo is a Chinese micro-blogging site that draws many similarities with Twitter. Launched in 2009, it has already gathered millions of users or ‘Weiboers’, and its rapid growth is expected to continue, as more Chinese citizens go online for the first time.

So why should your business set up a Weibo account?

We give you our top 10 reasons:

cheap date lyrics 1. Talk to China’s online community!
With over 300 million registered users, Weibo is a great way to directly talk to China and engage your customers – especially since in China, Weibo is the biggest social networking site, and Facebook and Twitter are not options!

buy gabapentin online reddit 2. Talk to Australia’s online Chinese community
If you are thinking of going to China, why not start in your own backyard? There are approximately 500 000 Chinese Weiboers in Australia, and Weibo is a great way to engage them! Let them spread the word back to their friends and families back in China about your product.

buy Pregabalin online 3. Talk to Weiboers – globally
During the London Olympics, 2.38 million Weibo discussions emerged from England, and 2.4 million out of America! When you talk on Weibo, your voice is being held by millions all over the world.

4. Brand building
Unlike twitter, Weibo can directly host rich media like images, videos, music, emoticons, and even polls without any plugins required, which is a great way to generate interest around your brand.

5. Customer insights
With threaded discussions, online polls and thousands of active discussions, Weibo is a great way to understand what makes Chinese customers tick. There are also Weibo applications which track your followers – understand the top 10 topics they’re interested in, as well as the gender ratio and geographic location of your Weibo fans!

6. Build up the internet WOM
Weibo generates millions of online hits every day. Increase your web presence and appearances in online searches, and people will be talking about your products all over the world.

7. Make yourself look trustworthy
Chinese customers will feel more confident in your products if you have a Weibo account – It shows you are genuinely dedicated to understanding their needs, and communicating with them in their language.

8. Join KRudd, Tourism Australia and the others who are already there
Did you know Tourism Australia has almost 180,000 Weibo fans it can communicate with instantly? Why not join the best of them and get your brand out there!

9. Jump on the wagon before your competitors do
Kevin Rudd and Tourism Australia have jumped on board but there are still thousands of Australian companies who are yet to take advantage of this untapped market – make sure you get in before they do!

10. Its free to Join!

Disclaimer: Always consider trademarking and IP protection when advertising in China.


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