Visiting China for business


Visiting China for business Traveling to China on business can be a bit daunting – a sort of journey into the unknown. You’ve got your contacts all lined up and you know what you want, but what do you need to take with you? Having done the trip literally thousands of times before, here are five essentials we recommend.

Pocket translator

buy Lyrica in australia You don’t speak the language but you have a lot of potentially complex situations ahead. Fortunately, technology comes to your aid in the form of pocket translators. At Amazon, they range from $30 to $2000, with the price usually indicating capability. Definitely get one before you go and make sure it includes plugs for Australia and China.

Chinese/English business cards

A lot of people in manufacturing do speak limited English, but having your business cards translated into Chinese is a courtesy and mark of respect that will smooth your way. Ask a Chinese friend to help you out or hire a translator. Before printing them, get a second, third and fourth opinion from Chinese speakers just to be sure the translation is suitable. The simplest and most common format is English on one side and Chinese on the other.

Add power to your point

Whether you’re getting a sample made or selecting a factory, it’s always wise to set out what you want and how you want the procedure to progress in a PowerPoint presentation. In the absence of perfect language skills, images and bullet points can get your message across with greater clarity. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who cannot speak English or has limited ability when you’re making it and ask yourself whether your intention is clear.

Suitable attire

Dress standards in Australia are remarkably casual, but don’t front up to a business meeting in a T shirt, jeans and flip-flops in China. Presentation, in terms of dress, is an indicator of not only self, but also mutual respect in Chinese business circles, so if you want to be taken seriously wear a suit or at least a smart blazer and crisp shirt.

Flattery from facts

Who doesn’t like a bit of flattery? Brushing up on either Chinese history or culture will get you a long way in China. Even if it’s kungfu movies you’re interested in or Chinese brands that have gone international such as Haier and Chery. A little bit of local knowledge will earn you a lot of respect and that’s an important ingredient in doing business in China.


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