5 ways to boost your Chinese social media

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5 ways to boost your Chinese social media

The Chinese new year of the horse is out of the gate at a gallop so we’ve come up with five ways to pony up your Chinese social media campaign and get it riding tall in saddle.

go 1 Platform picks

Not all products are created equal so you’ll need to find out the best social media platforms for your wares. The simplest and most cost-effective way to do this is by asking someone Chinese where they’d go online to find out about them. Start a conversation, make a friend and get smarter sales.

source url 2 Cost consciousness

A social media campaign in Chinese will require the assistance of Chinese staff or an agency. Social media only works well if you’re constant, consistent and enduring – it’s not a once-a-month thing. So if you’re going to get the best value out of your online venture, make sure you have the finance organised. As the banks say, if your account holds insufficient funds, the transaction will be rejected.

follow site 3 More than just China

China expands the meaning of huge and you need to understand that it’s not a nation of Mao suit-wearing automatons. It’s crucial to get a clear understanding of customers and the best way to do this is by identifying them in certain categories. You’ll need to determine who fits your bill and define them by age, sex, location, employment and education levels before you start.

4 Matchmaking

Once you’ve decided who you want to sell to, the next step is to match products to customer profiles. Only when you understand your customers can you comprehend their wants and needs. It’s important to match the right products and services to the right profile. Think If You Are the One (非诚勿扰) and you’re on the right track.

5 Map it out

No one gets anywhere without a map, be it a whiteboard in your office or a smart phone app. Create your social media content outline for the next six months or a year. A medium-term plan such as this will not only keep you on top of  what you need to do personally, but will also be essential for managing your staff or a prerequisite if using an agency. Of course you can take the odd detour, but this road is long and its destination is your success.

Know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

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