Australian design to the Chinese A-list


Australian design to the Chinese A-list

The Biblical story of David and Goliath – one person taking on a fearsome giant and winning – may seem a bit dusty and farfetched, so we’re going to freshen it up with the real-life tale of a Bendigo girl who’s making it big in China with a small idea.

Sunday February 9 was a special moment for Kerry Lorenz, designer and creative mind behind the MyOki, a biodynamic wheat bag that looks like a fashion accessory. This was the MyOki’s first foray into the Chinese A-list celebrity scene and from all appearances it was well received.

The red-carpet event was the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival in Sydney. Some of China’s biggest celebrities, including actor Guo Tao and director Xie Fei, were in town to receive their awards for industry excellence.

An avid fan of theatre and movies, Kerry has always had a keen interest in China. When the Golden Koala came to town, she decided this was her opportunity to shine with the stars. What better way to do that than sponsor the event? Now China’s A-list celebrities are all enjoying the luxurious comfort that comes with their own MyOki while their aches and pains are blown away.

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Actors, directors and the crew on movies and television shows are particularly drawn to this product as their work involves countless hours on set, rehearsing and setting up in between takes. This “glamorous” work often takes place in huge draughty studios or outdoors on location, where they’re frequently exposed to the highs and lows nature has to offer. So to soothe tired and aching muscles as well as keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer, they find an instant friend in MyOki.

Actor Essie Davis from the ABC’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is a big fan and you’ll often see her wrapped in her MyOki while waiting on set for the next scene, especially in the chilly winter months.

MyOki is a specially crafted wheat or lavender bag that is enclosed in a stole of faux fur and looks more like a fashion accessory than wearable therapy. Not getting the picture? Check out Kerry’s blog for images from the Golden Koalas to see how you can make a MyOki into an elegant evening accessory fit for the red carpet.

“That’s the whole idea of the MyOki,” Kerry says. “It has been designed so you can wear it at home, on your walk to the store, in your office or even to a red-carpet event, all the while getting therapeutic relief from handfuls of Australia’s best biodynamic wheat or lavender. It’s a match made in heaven!” Australian designers, step right up!

MyOki’s success with sponsoring the Golden Koalas is a clarion call to all Australian designers and inventors. If you have a great product or new invention, then it’s totally doable to get a buzz going online and convert that chatter into sales before you start sponsoring A-list events.

You can start out relatively cheaply by getting your website translated into Chinese by a professional and then plan a Chinese-language social media campaign. Recent statistics show there are over 1 million Chinese speakers in Australia and that more than half of them are using Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and Tencent. That means the a social media campaign directed at local users is automatically flowing back to friends and relatives in China.

Let’s say every Chinese Australian resident has an online posse of at least five people – thats 500,000 times five – yep, now we’re talking market penetration. With a carefully managed and sustained campaign, your product will be talked about by millions of people in China and your brand will gain massive momentum.

So even if you’re idea is as simple as “making the world fashionably more comfortable” like Kerry’s was, there is no stopping your ability to go online, connect with Chinese A-listers and become an international success.

For more information about MyOki, contact Kerry Lorenz at or talk to us about a social media campaign at China Blueprint.

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