Opportunities for designers in China


Opportunities for designers in China

http://akinabridalcouture.com.au/real-bride-kirrilys-stunning-pastel-wedding/ China fashion conscious citizens are currently going through a massive shift in cultural consciousness that will have a huge impact on the way consumers engage with new and emerging fashion brands, and will provide huge opportunities for up and coming designers

http://chennaitrekkers.org/2017/02/how-to-build-zero-waste-community.html Since  austerity measures were put in place and bans enforced on conspicuous spending by government officials and SOEs, there has been a trickle down effect that is influencing the shopping and fashion choices of the public.  People in positions of influence are less willing to display the conspicuous labels they once coveted and if they do, the public are there watching and waiting to criticise their lavish lifestyle choices.

This can be clearly seen in the recent NPC meeting in March, where ‘military chic’ was clearly on display. Migrant worker fashion is now becoming popular ( if criticized) and we may even see a return to the Mao suits of the 50s and 60s!

This unwillingness to be labeled as a conspicuous consumer, has impacted on the shopping and brand choices of Chinese consumers and has created a fundamental change in the Chinese psyche.  In the recent past, Chinese consumers relied on brands that offered them social acceptance and status amongst their peers, whereas now, they are now looking to focus on fashion as a reflection of their individual personality.

As blogger Imran Amed wrote recently, Chinese consumers are now looking for products that really set them apart as individuals. The last thing they want to do is walk into identical stores and buy the same ubiquitous products as everyone else.

More experienced luxury consumers in China are increasing turning away from heavily logo-ed bags and other obvious brand signifiers as they begin to explore their own identity.

This presents a huge potential opportunity to emerging designers and fashion labels wanting to break into the China market, especially those with an already established presence as designers with an edge.

There are still some significant obstacles and strategies that need to be created to make a mark in the China market.

It is important to ensure that your brand is Chinese social media friendly and that your strategy is aligned with the values and needs of the Chinese consumer.

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