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Understanding China online to grow your business

Did you know: China is home to the world’s largest digital community and the Chinese have a hunger for online shopping like no other?

It makes sense, if you want to grow your business and find more customers, to point your eCommerce website to China.

But understanding the opportunities – along with the challenges – can be complicated, especially when everything is in Chinese and you don’t speak the language.

With a clear understanding of what your opportunity is and how to navigate the online Chinese environment, you can grow your business globally – and in a relatively quick timeframe.

This can be achieved with dedicated and customised research.

You receive:

  • Customised research reports
  • Exploratory round table sessions
  • Individual problem solving

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Find out who your Chinese customers are and what they like most

While many people assume the Chinese are motivated purely by price when it comes to buying online, it’s not entirely true, and for Australian companies, competing on price is not even an option.

So it’s important to know what motivates your potential customers and get a clear understanding of their likes and preferences.

You need to understand your customers:


  • Demographics and profile
  • Preferences
  • Price tolerance
  • Cultural differences


  1. Favourite social media sites
  2. Preferred payment gateways
  3. Online expectations
  4. Favourite search engines

We can help you identify your Chinese consumers and list important aspects of their online behaviour to help you make clever choices.

You receive:

  • Customer profiling
  • Focus groups (Australia/China)
  • Consumer surveys
  • Individual problem solving 
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Navigate China’s online digital space and avoid costly mistakes

China’s digital online space is challenging, the web is highly regulated and the players are Chinese, many of whom you won’t recognise. Baidu replaces Google and Weibo replaces Facebook.

What’s more, recent regulatory change around advertising and food licensing, means new rules for exporters, including B2C, O2O and B2B websites, regardless of whether the sale is for personal consumption.

We can help you understand the challenges and differences, before you spend money and time on wasted efforts that stand a good chance of being banned from China.

You receive:

  • Advice on regulation and policy
  • Strategy and planning advice

Learn the rules and regulations to doing business in the world’s largest online community and most highly regulated. 

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Checking out the competition will provide you with useful insights

Knowing what your competition in China is doing online will give you clues into research that has already been done and what the Chinese market will tolerate. It also helps you identify marketing and social media trends, as well as potential gaps in the market.

Obtaining this information yourself can be challenging as its only available in Chinese, and why wouldn’t it be when only about 2% of the population speak English. Let us decipher the market for you with targeted research and analysis.

You receive:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategy and planning advice

FAST FACT: Quality research helps prevent wastage and silly mistakes. And just when you think you have it all sorted out…


So you’ve done a lot of work, your website is just about to go live and your brochures are ready to print. You’ve got a lot riding on this, so you’re hoping everything is perfect.

Nothing could be worse than poorly translated content, an offensive name translation or a blatant cultural faux pas.

To give you the confidence to proceed and knowledge that everything is what you had planned, let us be your quality assurance.

You receive:

  • Translation checking
  • Cultural tolerance testing
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Case study

Port Arthur Historic Site – missing sales from Chinese visitors

Scope: Develop a Chinese language website for Port Arthur Historic site and an online payment gateway.

Prior to the commencement of this project: Research was undertaken to determine how the English version of the Port Arthur website was performing with the Chinese community. Checks were made on analytics, online Chinese social media sites and by looking at the company’s internal customer records.

Results from the research: We determined Chinese customers who visited the site were ready to buy, but the site made it difficult for them. The solution was to simplify ticketing information and plugin a payment gateway that was RMB friendly. The design was also cleaned up placing a greater emphasis on the photography, which rated as the top reason as to why Chinese visitors would go there.

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