China Social Media

Connect to China using Social Media

Social media can serve different purposes and for brands that are just beginning their China journey, they act as an extremely important channel to start building your relationship with your new Chinese customers.

The big deal when it comes to China and social media is that it’s highly regulated and our usual friends, such as Facebook and YouTube, aren’t there. You will need help navigating this space as registration on certain channels requires a local Chinese presence. Get it right and you could stand to earn millions of fans and customers.

At China Blueprint we make registration and content creation simple and cost effective.

You receive:

  • Chinese social media account registration
  • Chinese social media content management

Getting started has never been easier and you do not need a registered company in China to get under way. You only have to speak with a consultant and choose the best platform and package for you.

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You choose where you want to be social

Choose from popular channels such as WeChat, Weibo, Youku and Tudou. Depending on the type of account you choose and how much custom tailoring you require, having us register and set up your account could cost as little as $500 + GST.

All account registrations come with User Manuals, Terms and Conditions and you can upgrade to include Brand Social Media Guidelines too, so you and your team can operate them with confidence and ease. See more below

Get your China social campaign started


Choose from the following starter packages

If you just want to get started now, why not test our Lite Social Media Content Package. You will be on your way to building your brand popularity in China in no time.

Lite Social Media Content Package:

  • Original posts a week with translation x 3
  • News and related posts a week x 3
  • Marketing posts a week x 2
  • Includes daily monitoring between 10am-6pm EST excluding Sat/Sun
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monthly meeting to discuss outcomes and plan future online activities, includes Brand Social Media Guidelines and Terms and Conditions

Our Lite package is super easy to get started and there are no fixed contracts, no startup fees and you can order by the month all you need is a Chinese social media account.

Cost: $200/week + GST

Don’t want a monthly contract, but need some articles translated into high-quality Chinese content that is in line with your brand strategy? Simply buy a Content Only Package and have one our talented writers help you prepare your story for publication.

Content Only Packages:

  • Original article 100 character: $50 + GST
  • Original article 100 characters x 10 pack: $400 + GST
  • Translated article 100 characters: $20 + GST
  • Translated articles 100 characters x 10 pack: $180 + GST
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Why Chinese Blueprint writers and not an automated language program?

It’s your brand and you want to ensure people feel the same way about it as you do. This can be conveyed when you are not there, by the language you choose to share on the worldwide web.

Our writers are in-house here in Australia, so while being Chinese, they get Australia too. They have been working with Australian brands for many years and aside from being accomplished writers, are also passionate about the quality of what brand in Australia means.

To get started now, send us your content and we will turn it around in 24 hours (business days).

Are you socially responsible (Yes, we stick to the rules!)

At China Blueprint we are socially responsible and all of our projects are planned with rules and regulations in mind. All account registrations come with our Social Media Brand Guidelines and Terms of Use for your staff and with content management we set Social Media Brand Guidelines for our staff, answering only the questions you want us to.

Social Media Brand Guidelines provide you with instructions on the following important areas associated with your brand and include Chinese language references:

  1. Name usage
  2. Language tone
  3. Keywords
  4. Style and presentation
  5. Use of logos
  6. Use of imagery
  7. Referencing
  8. Frequently used words and their Chinese versions
  9. Conversation objectives
  10. Call to action

You receive:

  • Terms of use – standard
  • Terms of use – customised
  • Social Media Brand Guidelines – customized
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What is I just need a professional blog writer or KOL (Key Opinion Leader)?

The basics of social media in China work very similar to the West and content drives discussion. At China Blueprint our content writers can prepare high-quality marketing content, utilising keywords in Chinese to write and post on key blog and SNS websites.

We also work with key partners in the media and advertising industries in China, should you need a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or celebrity.

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