Build your business by exporting to China

In Australia we have a unique advantage – the world’s largest consumer market is practically on our doorstep – and China Blueprint has the experience you need to get your product into those consumers’ hands. When you’re talking to people who know and understand the complexities of exporting to China you’ll be amazed by how easily you can navigate a path to success.


Market research

China is a massive country with many different markets – so how do you know which one to target or even how to go about it? To help you we have developed a series of easy to follow eCourses. Choose what you and when you need to learn. Find out more…

Risk management

There are risks associated with exporting to any territory outside your own. Risks to intellectual property, financial exposure, fraud and failure to understand the culture are some of those you need to take into account. Inside knowledge and a well-developed plan can significantly reduce your exposure. Find out more…


Market entry strategy

A complex and highly-regulated country such as China can be difficult for any would-be exporter to penetrate. Thorough planning and a detailed market entry strategy are critical to your success. We can tailor a proven blueprint to your specific requirements. Find out more…

Business registration

You need to be established as a legal entity in China, but where do you start? We can guide you through the registration process and help you identify the most effective structure, whether that’s a wholly-owned enterprise, a joint venture or a representative office. Discover everything you need to know from the costs to the practicalities of setting up your office and team. Find out more…



The right distribution partner is fundamental to your success but, In a market as vast as China, a good fit can be hard to find. With our insider knowledge and well-established contacts, we can help ensure you make the most appropriate choice. Find out more…

Find a Chinese investor

Many Chinese investors are keen to back projects outside of China. If you have an Australian business with an opportunity, and you’re investment-ready, we recommend that you list your details on our FREE Australian Business Showcase Database. Find out more…

“ China Blueprint have been the key to my success so far… Incredibly professional in every detail, their knowledge and support have been invaluable to me.”Kerry Lorenz  |  Owner & Designer of MyOki Pty Ltd
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