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Looking for Chinese investment

go here Having just attended the Fifth Chinese Enterprise Outbound Investment Conference in Beijing, I have the latest statistics produced by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade on outbound Chinese investment. Read the key information based on research of more than 1000 Chinese small and medium enterprises between 2008 and 2010. 1. In 2009 Chinese companies contributed US$56.53 billion in direct overseas investment,

Visiting China for business

can i buy prednisone in mexico Traveling to China on business can be a bit daunting – a sort of journey into the unknown. You’ve got your contacts all lined up and you know what you want, but what do you need to take with you? Having done the trip literally thousands of times before, here are five essentials we recommend. Pocket translator You don’t speak the language but you have a lot of potentially complex situations ahead. Fortunately, technology comes to your aid in the form of pocket translators. At Amazon, they range from $30 to $2000, with the price usually indicating capability. Definitely get…

Huawei sponsors the Canberra Raiders

follow link Many Australians were caught off guard when Huawei, a Chinese telecom provider, announced its sponsorship of the Canberra Raiders. The huge company signed a two-year, $1.7 million deal, the company’s first major sports sponsorship, and it is one that’s drawn as much criticism as it has praise. While Huawei is the second largest manufacturer of telecom equipment, it’s reputation has been sullied somewhat over the past decade. This has lead the brand to take a back seat to its products and services – until now, of course. Raiders chief executive Don Furner told reporters, “By their own admission, they are…

Shuanghui International Holdings buys U.S. Smithfield Foods for $4.7bn

As China’s growing population continues to put pressure on the country’s natural resources, the world superpower is looking to foreign investment to solve the problem of issues such as food production and farming. One problem China is facing is keeping up with the country’s demand for meat. Over a quarter of the meat produced worldwide is eaten in China – 64.5 million tonnes to be exact. To satiate the country’s growing appetite (quite literally), the Chinese corporation Shuanghui International recently purchased US-based Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork producer, for $4.7 billion in cash. The deal is still undergoing processing…

Exporters: lost in translation?

If you want to sell to China, translating your website into Chinese seems like garden-variety common sense, but it’s not as common as it should be. Before attending an exporters’ conference recently, China Blueprint did some research on Australian attendees’ websites that revealed most of them – mainly tourism sector companies – had English-only websites that included strangely limited information and surprisingly dull content. Chinese consumers are educated, savvy buyers with unprecedented spending power. Of the nation’s 1.3 billion population, about 2% speak English but their preference is for searching the internet in their mother tongue. Wouldn’t you? So if you…

Australian exporters, its time to get internet savvy.

A recent McKinsey report shows us that Chinese consumers are more internet focussed than many of us may have assumed. Of particular interest to Australian exporters looking to the China market as a potential target for their brand is that; -Chinese consumers are more likely to trust a brand’s corporate website -Chinese consumers research their products more than other consumers -Chinese consumers are very proactive when it comes to Internet wordof mouth.

China online

Exporters, we have been telling you for a while now that social media in China is an important part of your marketing strategy there. With over 500million users engaged online, there is no disputing the internet in alive and thriving. Users on average spend around 5 hours a day and their core activities include gaming and shopping. If you want to familiarize yourself with the social and mobile media landscape in China then check out this fantastic presentation prepared by We are Social. If you are contemplating social media as a part of your export marketing strategy its critical that…

Exporters – what is you your China social media strategy

Whether we like it or not, social media is a fact of life. The numbers alone are enough to support this and in China these numbers are overwhelming. Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter or microblog, has 250+million users and Tencent blog has 530+million (and growing). Chinese netizens are said to spend up to 4+hours a day online and their main activities include gaming, shopping and social media. If you want market share in China, then there is no excuse not to use social media as one of your key marketing channels.

Exporting to China – distribution options and choosing a partner

Finding an agent to distribute your export goods in China can be hard. Depending on which industry you are in there are a number of product distribution models to choose from. Some of these include; 1. Choosing an agent or distributor (multi-later regional agents, regional sole distributers or direct sales agents); 2. Direct supply to retailers; 3. Setting up a retail outlet; 4. Online sales; 5. Franchise operations; and 6. Setting up a wholesale or retail mart

Operating your China export business remotely – is it realistic?

The good news is yes (in part), we have many clients who have successfully set up business operations in China, and managed them from home. This has only been made possible though, with the help of consultants and qualified advisors. So how do you communicate with China? For day to day business communications, most Chinese companies are familiar with online and telecommunication styles we are used to at home. They include; Email: hotmail.com, yahoo.com, 126.com, 163.com, sina.com, sohu.com (all free accounts) Files: PDF, JPEG, AI, CAD, Microsoft; word, excel, PPT Online message services: Skype, QQ, MSN Phone: skype, mobile, landlines,…