Build your business by importing from China

Manufacturing in China gives you access to higher margins and a massive range of options – but the process can be stressful and risky. We can ensure your business runs smoothly by sourcing the right factory for your job and then supervising each step of the manufacturing process. You can be confident your products will be of the highest quality and value.


Find a factory

The first critical step for any would-be importer is sourcing a factory. But when there are thousands of factories to choose from, how can you be sure which one is right for you? Our research includes critical factors such as the owners’ attitude, quality of communication and integrity as well as commitment and attention to detail. Find out more…

China Inspection

When you can’t be there yourself, we offer the next best thing – someone based in China you can trust to act in your best interests. With an office in Australia and our own team in China we’re perfectly placed to keep a check on progress and provide detailed reports. Find out more…


Make samples

You’ve settled on a factory, now you need to see samples. We can provide the practical support you need by, for example, overseeing the construction of moulds. At the same time, we’ll be providing help in other critical areas such as protecting your intellectual property and arranging test certification in China. Find out more…

Chinese translation

Excellent communication and clear instructions are at the heart of manufacturing success. Understanding the culture is critical to meaningful and accurate translation; our professional translation and interpreting services will ensure your requirements are understood. Find out more…


Import management

Our Import Management team offers a turnkey solution so you can enjoy the rewards of low-cost manufacturing without the stress. You will be free to do what you do best – run your own business – so that you’re in the best possible position to take advantage of every opportunity as and when it arises. Find out more…

Set up a business in China

Managing multiple suppliers and products, and processing numerous orders, are complex processes which can extremely difficult to manage from a remote location. Your most profitable option might be setting up an office, warehouse or assembly line in China and, once again, we can provide all the help you need. Find out more…

“ I have worked closely with China Blueprint and referred them to many of my clients who wanted to improve their sourcing arrangements in China… exceptional level of knowledge, service and value.”

Geoff Dart  l  Partner at Madison Cross

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