Chinese Translation

Chinese translation
It can be hard to convey exactly what you mean when you can’t be sure the person you’re talking to understands the many nuances of the English language.

As we speak Chinese, we never have those problems. And we can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing the translation is accurate in both directions.

When you’re importing, you will have to share many documents and communications with your manufacturer that would be best presented in Chinese.

We can help you reduce the chance of expensive errors by translating written documents such as:

  • Product specifications
  • Materials lists
  • Change requests

We also provide on-the-ground support in China, offering:

  • A Chinese/English translator to accompany you on your visit to the factory
  • A Chinese/English speaking inspector to visit your factory with you
  • Chinese language inspection manuals

Before we start any project we take the time to learn about your goals and objectives. This is the first step to ensuring quality translations.

Whatever your translation requirements, our experienced teams in Australia and China can help you to get the job done. To get started, just give us a call.
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