Import Management

Import management

Would you like someone to help you import from China who is experienced, uses a proven import process and who is flexible yet affordable?

The China Blueprint Import Order Management service can provide a seamless and affordable solution.

When you plug in to our Import Order Management service, an experienced trade consultant takes over the many complexities of importing from China on your behalf. They know when and how to implement each stage of the import process to ensure factory compliance and quality control, leaving you with time to focus on business at home.

You still make all the key decisions, we simply act as your representative.

Our Import Order Management service includes help with:

  • Manage your factories
  • Handle the paperwork
  • Liaise with your shipper

We’re also on hand to provide advice as and when you need it.

It’s simple to get started and at any time you can take over. Once you’ve experienced our seamless and affordable service you will wish you had found us earlier. Check our brochure for pricing details.
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