Make Samples

Make samples

Are you concerned that commissioning blueprints leaves you vulnerable to having your design or concept stolen? That the factory won’t understand what you want, or doesn’t have the appropriate technology?

China Blueprint can take the stress out of this critical stage by providing on-site support in your China-based factory.

Our Sample Making Service includes support with:

  • Developing your moulds, tools and prototypes
  • Negotiating the costs
  • Understanding the risks and how to manage them

We act on your behalf, communicating the information the factory needs to manufacture your goods. We also provide advice and support to ensure your goods meet your specifications for quality, and also that your intellectual property is protected.

We have been working with large and small businesses for over 8 years, helping them to develop their product ranges in China. To get your own business moving, just tell us what you want to make and how we can help.

Let's make stress-free samples