China Marketing Strategy

Marketing to China for maximum impact

There are many ways you can market to the Chinese and it doesn’t have to all be overseas in China.

In fact, right here in Australia we have a unique opportunity to market to literally millions of Chinese people, visiting, studying and migrating to Australia.

At China Blueprint we can help you put together a comprehensive marketing campaign to help you convert sales or find new fans. Simply tell us what you are trying to achieve and we can put together, a culturally intuitive, Chinese language, campaign.

You receive:

  • Online campaign management
  • Offline campaign management
  • Campaign design and creation
  • Media management
  • Events and meetings

We can also help you design and produce marketing materials, such as brochures, business cards, in-store promotions, exhibition stands, membership cards and other promotional items.

Get started with your China marketing strategy

Thinking about doing business in China but not sure how to get started?

Then why not attend a FREE discovery session? By booking your 1 hour FREE discovery session you can get the answers by speaking with one of our professional consultants who will help you better understand where the opportunities are. You will also get a chance to ask all those tricky questions!

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Get money for your marketing efforts

Did you know the government supports exporters with their marketing efforts in international markets?

There is actually a pool of both federal and local government funds available.

If you are in an export industry, or think you are, contact us and we will help you plan your marketing campaign to ensure you capture the benefits of government funding if you qualify. 

Simply speak with one of our China Blueprint consultants and get your team ready for growth in China.

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