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Whatever happened to the Australia-China FTA?

watch Australia began negotiating a free trade agreement (FTA) with China in 2005 and completed the 21st round of talks in Beijing last month. New Zealand and China concluded their agreement after three years and 15 rounds of talks. So after nearly a decade of negotiations, where are we up to? Photo opportunity As Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Tony Abbot will be meeting at three consecutive leaders’ meeting in Shanghai, Myanmar and Brisbane this November, it seems an ideal time for them to announce a photo-opportunity conclusion. However, the odds are still even on the outcome, with the…

Australian design to the Chinese A-list The Biblical story of David and Goliath – one person taking on a fearsome giant and winning – may seem a bit dusty and farfetched, so we’re going to freshen it up with the real-life tale of a Bendigo girl who’s making it big in China with a small idea. Sunday February 9 was a special moment for Kerry Lorenz, designer and creative mind behind the MyOki, a biodynamic wheat bag that looks like a fashion accessory. This was the MyOki’s first foray into the Chinese A-list celebrity scene and from all appearances it was well received.

When ‘yes’ is ‘yes’ in China

watch Ever noticed how everyone in Asia is more than willing with a “yes” in reply to any enquiry but don’t necessarily come up with the goods? It’s not just you and, no, it’s not personal. It’s simply a positively geared cultural disposition to encouragement. The same is true in China, so read on to find out when a yes actually means yes – rather than no. To avoid frustration and keep yourself on an even keel, a useful asset when doing business in China is to expect a positive reply to everything. If you show a factory a sample and…

Kiwi cousins creaming it in China

While the Australian and Chinese governments have recently held the 19th round of negotiations for free trade agreement, our brethren across the Tasman have had one up and running since 2008. The Kiwi dairy industry, among others, is creaming it. How did the New Zealand government get it so right? Let’s face it, New Zealand is a nation of firsts: first place in the world to give women the vote, to introduce the eight-hour working day, to set foot on the Antarctic, to climb Mt Everest, to elect a trans-gender member of parliament… The list goes on.