#China Easy Webinar Series

The #China Easy webinar series is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to crack the Chinese consumer market using practical, low cost strategies to overcome the problems of language, culture and a challenging China business environment.

Each webinar in the 8-part #China Easy Series provides an essential building block to developing a complete market entry strategy for China, tailor-made to your business. You will learn how to market to China’s emerging middle class and massive online consumer market.
Each webinar includes:
* Instructional videos
* Live coaching and Q&A
* Free templates, tools and downloadable information
* Quizzes to test your China competency
* Task List to achieve the topic outcome
Full Webinar Series Outline

1. Communication in Chinese when you don’t speak it

This is a crucial issue because many small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford Chinese speaking staff or costly marketing campaigns.

We explain how business owners can communicate in Chinese (both verbally and in written form) across multiple mediums – without needing to learn a new language.

2. Building a Chinese language website

More than 800 million Chinese use the internet but less than one per cent can read English. Without a Chinese language website, Australian businesses are effectively invisible to the China.

We give SMEs a practical step-by-step guide to building a small Chinese language website to capture the Chinese consumer market, without having to spend a fortune.

3. Implementing eCommerce and Chinese payment gateway systems

We explain what a Chinese payment system is and how SMEs can be online and ready to take Chinese RMB payments within 7 days. We offer a step-by-step guide to registration, integration and how to use a Chinese payment system.

4. Small budget marketing strategies for China

The most cost-effective way to tap into the Chinese consumer market is to target Chinese consumers who are already in Australia. This includes the 1.4 million Chinese tourists who visit each year, the 1 million-plus Chinese migrants who have moved here and more than 120,000 Chinese students who are in Australia to study.   

We offer businesses innovative, low-cost strategies to target Chinese consumers in Australia – without taking on the expense of an international marketing campaign.

5. Developing your brand for China

Developing a unique brand strategy for China will help SMEs build brand awareness, build a relationship with their new customers and generative sales without the risk of causing offence or simply failing to appeal to Chinese consumers.

This topic covers important brand considerations when selling to

China, providing simple strategies to help businesses amplify their brand for China.

6. Using WeChat & Weibo for marketing and CRM

For small to medium-sized business, the challenge of using Chinese social media platforms can seem overwhelming, especially when you can’t read or write Chinese – but it doesn’t have to be.

We cover some simple and affordable techniques businesses can use to start selling online to China using WeChat, Weibo and Youku.

7. Preparing for trade shows and visits

Making the most of business opportunities when visiting China can sometimes get lost in translation.

In this topic we cover some clever tactics to help businesses get maximum exposure and ultimately more customers when they visit China.

8. Export grants, funding and getting finance

Many small to medium-sized businesses are acutely aware that the China opportunity is knocking on their door. But cash flow is preventing trade visits, product registration, translation and web development.

We offer the ultimate money-sourcing guide for exporters and cross-border traders, helping them identify where they can get the funds to grow their business on an international scale.

#China Easy Webinar Series 

Do you feel anxious when you hear about ordinary, everyday Australian businesses making it big in China?

Wish those stories could be about your business? Worried that everyone’s jumping aboard the China juggernaut, but you?
What you’re feeling is China FOMO  Fear Of Missing Out on making money in China.
In some ways you’re justified. There is big money to be made in China and every day you delay is money lost.
But take a deep breath and let us tell you that it’s not too late to tap into the lucrative China market and better still we’ve made it easy and affordable.
This month (Aug 2019) the ACBC is launching the #China Easy Webinar Series, exclusively developed for the Australia China Business Council and its members. 
It’s the perfect solution for anyone wanting to crack the Chinese consumer market using practical, low cost strategies to overcome the problems of language, culture and a challenging China business environment.
Each webinar in the 8-part #China Easy Webinar Series provides an essential building block to developing a complete market entry strategy for China, tailor-made to your business. You will learn how to market to China’s emerging middle class and massive online consumer market.
The course is designed for time-poor businesses that need up-to-the-minute information delivered quickly and in a simple to understand format. It’s packed with hands-on advice, easy to implement tools and do-it-yourself strategies.
We understand that running your own business means you’re busy so you and your staff can access #China Easy online. 
There are instructional videos, live Q&A sessions plus bonus take away information and checklists designed to help you kick start your China Campaign and start making money straight away.
Some of the things you will learn include:
  • How to use business translation to make you money – you’ll even create your own Chinese business name
  • How to build a Chinese language website or webpage for high visibility in the China market
  • How to set up your very own Chinese social media account as a one-stop selling machine
  • How to accept payments in Chinese currency, so more Chinese consumers will buy from you
The course is presented by China Blueprint Consultants, which has devoted more than 10 years to successfully helping Australian businesses kick goals in the complex China market. 
Lisa Goodhand is an expert in all things Chinese. She speaks Chinese fluently, has a deep understanding of the Chinese culture and its people yet she is an Australian small business owner herself and understands exactly what you want and what you need to do to achieve it.
Small businesses have a different set of needs to big businesses,” Lisa explains. “They’re more dynamic and tenacious but all too often they’re hamstrung by tight budgets and resources. That’s why, as a small to medium sized business you have to think differently about the way you tackle the challenge of China in order to build scalable models that produce quick results.
Having worked with thousands of SMEs in my career, I am well versed in the challenges and I am constantly seeking new ways to overcome these obstacles. I believe in Australian small business and my goal is to empower them to learn the things I have learned myself to grow and become successful on a global scale.”
Christine Hawkins is a journalist and communications expert who specialises in breaking down complex subjects into clean, simple to understand language. A TV journalist for almost 15 years, including a foreign correspondent posting, Christine cuts through the noise about China and drills down on what you need to know while eliminating all the empty hype. 
She is also a small business owner herself and understands the obstacles of selling to China.
Selling to China can seem utterly overwhelming for many small to medium-sized business,” she says. “There’s so much to learn and when you can’t speak, read or write Chinese it seems impossible. It’s tempting to give up before you even start.
But my job is to break down the process into bite-sized chunks and explain it in a way that is easy to understand. Suddenly, tapping into the China consumer market becomes very achievable. For SMEs this course can be a game-changer.” 

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I join?

This webinar is for businesses and start-ups who are sick of hearing all the hype about China and just want to get on with it. 

There’s no sales pitch, no waffle, no big-noting ourselves. We get straight to it and help you deliver better results in your business.

You will learn exactly what you need to do to supercharge your China campaign without having to learn Chinese… or even leave your office.

Plus you’ll learn the secrets most consultants wouldn’t dare share.

Many of you have been down this road before, attending China seminars and conferences with high hopes… only to walk away bored, disappointed and without any concrete knowledge. All too often it’s nothing more than a sales pitch from a highly paid consultant – and sadly a waste of your time.

We aim to be a breath of fresh air in this space because we believe in small business. We get it. We know small businesses are stretched, time and resource poor. We know you have teeny marketing budgets and short attention spans when it comes to new technology.  How do we know? Because we are a small business too and have dedicated more than 10 years to making the job of doing business with China easier for you all.  

Working out how to tap into the lucrative China market is a massive and complex subject, so we have totally simplified it using seriously easy strategies that you can implement immediately. If you don’t get all the answers on the webinar day, we will follow up with you in our Private Facebook Group. What we can’t fit in during the presentation, we have prepared for you to take away in our downloads section. 

At the end of the day we want you to succeed. That’s the difference.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online presentation that you join via a unique link from the convenience of your home or workplace. All you need is a Smartphone or computer and internet connection.

Once you join the webinar you will see and hear from your presenters, enjoy video and have the opportunity to participate in live discussion. Don’t worry, only your name appears in the group profile. There is no video or audio of you. You type your questions and comments into a box on your screen.

The webinar platform we use is called Zoom, which is renowned for its easy to use interface. 

After registering your participation, you will receive your unique link and details regarding a pre-webinar practice for first time users. 

The end of most webinars signals a goodbye from your presenters. But we don’t want to leave you unsupported. For this reason, you are invited to join a Private Facebook Group for extra tips and coaching and most importantly the ability to connect with other business people doing exactly what you are. It’s great for feedback, support and perhaps even for forming partnerships. You will be able to network and collaborate others. 

I’ve never participated in a webinar before, I’m not sure what to expect?

Webinars are super easy and there is no special learning required. You get a unique link and then on the designated day and time, you simply click the link and you’re in. The webinar will open 10 minutes early if you would like to test your network and make sure it all works!

We personally road-tested a number of webinar platforms and chose Zoom, because we felt it was the most user friendly and easy to use. 

How do I gain access to the videos and downloads?

You will see the instructional videos during the seminar plus you will also be given a unique link to watch your #China Easy videos any time you want for a month after the webinar. This one location also has links to the downloadable templates and checklists that we have developed for you.

Do I need to buy all 8 Webinars?

While we strongly recommend you buy all 8 because each one is packed with useful and actionable strategies; we also know some of you are well versed in various aspects of doing business in China. For this reason, we offer you a choice so you can purchase whatever you like. 

We should point out too that the webinars are being hosted on specific dates, so once the date has past, the webinar is no longer available. 

Can I ask questions that relates to my business during the webinar?

Absolutely, that’s the whole purpose of holding a webinar. We could pre-record everything and simply plonk it online, but we know the greatest benefit will come from live discussion. A webinar not only allows us to talk through important case studies and examples, but also take your questions. 

To ask a question you have the option of sending us a note in the conversation panel. So long as it’s not too complicated and very unique to your situation, we will endeavour to answer it. If we can’t answer it in the time allocated, we will supply answers in a blog on our website within a week of the Webinar or revisit it in the Private Facebook Group.

Private Facebook Group

Our Private Facebook Group is only available to Webinar participants. On this page you can ask questions, share your wins and generally network with other likeminded business people. You will need a Facebook account to do this. Simply send us a friend request and once we verify you, you’re in!

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