Marketing Strategy

Your Unique Sales Pitch for China

Imagine opening the doors of your business to millions of new customers and turning them into loyal fans.

With the right China marketing campaign you can do exactly that.

Creating a compelling Chinese sales pitch is a combination of important research, developing a unique brand strategy and delivering a convincing story with a strong call to action.

So what’s stopping you? It’s almost certainly the language barrier and culture clash.

We understand these obstacles can seem insurmountable but with help it is possible for you overcome each of these barriers.

At China Blueprint we can provide you with:

  • Chinese campaign design and creation
  • Online campaign management
  • Chinese media management
  • Offline campaign management
  • Events and meetings

Why do you need China market research?

If you can establish a clear understanding of your opportunity and how to navigate the online Chinese environment, you can grow your business globally – and in a relatively quick timeframe.

The way to do this is with dedicated and customised market research specific to your industry and tailored for your business.

With China Blueprint you can choose from:

  • Customised research reports
  • Exploratory round table sessions
  • Individual problem solving
  • How to Navigate China’s complex regulatory environment
  • China’s digital online space is challenging, the web is highly regulated and the players are Chinese, many of whom you won’t recognise.

What’s more, regulatory updates are constantly evolving and directly affect B2C, O2O and B2B websites. You have to be on top of them to succeed.

Just because your website is selling goods for personal consumption to Chinese citizens, does not mean you are not subject to Government scrutiny.

Let us help you makes sense of China’s online environment before you spend money and time building your Chinese website, only to find it’s banned there.

We offer:

  • Advice on regulation and policy
  • Strategy and planning advice
  • Up-to-date information on the rules and regulations for doing business in the world’s largest and most highly regulated online community

Want insider tips about other successful online businesses in your industry?

Knowing what your competition in China is doing online will give you clues into research that has already been done and what the Chinese market will tolerate.

It also helps you identify marketing and social media trends, and potential gaps in the market.

Obtaining this information yourself can be challenging because it’s only available in Chinese. Let us decipher the market for you with targeted research and analysis.

You receive:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategy and planning advice

Solid research is the foundation to developing a laser focused marketing campaign that will see your new Chinese customers flocking to your business.

The place to start your China journey is here with China Blueprint. All you have to do is Get in Touch.

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