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Chinese Whispers…

If getting a million likes for your business on social media seems like a pipe dream, think again.

For brands just beginning their China journey, social media is an essential tool to start building your relationship with your new Chinese customers.

The problem is, the platforms we know such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are banned in China.

This means you will have to use Chinese social media platforms. The most popular are WeChat and Weibo.

Launching and managing a Chinese social media account sounds daunting, especially when your content needs to be in Chinese.

But the rewards can be mind-blowing – there are more than one billion daily active WeChat users worldwide and more than 500 million Weibo users.

Do it right and your business stands to earn millions of fans and better still a steady flow of paying customers.

But you will need help setting up and managing a Chinese social media account.

At China Blueprint we make registration and content creation simple and cost-effective by offering:

  • Chinese social media account registration
  • Chinese social media content management

Getting started has never been easier and you don’t need a registered company in China to get underway.

Speak with a China Blueprint consultant to select the best platform and package for your business choosing from WeChat, Weibo, Youku and Tudou.

We will ensure your content is engaging and relevant. We also manage celebrity endorsements or backing from a Key Opinion Leader

We offer a range of packages to suit every budget, so there’s nothing to hold you back. Start collecting your million likes right away. Call China Blueprint now to discuss.



Just need a quick easy solution, like a one-off post to update your customers or help with your official account registration? 

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