Chinese Web Development

Hit the China Online Super Highway!

To drive your business forward through the competitive Chinese consumer market you will need a fast, reliable ride –  and the best vehicle for this is your website.

It’s the epicentre of you global business because your website allows your customers to learn about you, become loyal fans and buy from you.

To be successful your business must have a Chinese language website, even if you don’t offer eCommerce payment solutions.

Tech-savvy Chinese consumers devour information and will use your Chinese language website to learn about you and your products or services. This is an integral part of their purchasing process.

But building a website in another language, especially Chinese, can seem just about impossible. The dilemmas you will face include:

  • Do I need a brand new website or just a Chinese language page on my existing site?
  • Should my website have a Chinese look and feel or should it mimic my Australian website?
  • Should I use Simplified or Traditional Chinese?
  • Do I need a Chinese domain?
  • Should my site be hosted in China or somewhere else?
  • Do I need to offer eCommerce solutions?

These questions need to be answered before you start work on your website. At China Blueprint we can help you make the right choices.

You can even let us take on all the difficult, technical work and create an engaging Chinese language website for your business – stress free and fast.

We can:

  • Build a new Chinese language website for your business
  • Modify your existing website
  • Translate your website and upload content
  • Integrate eCommerce solutions to your website
  • Create your WeChat mini website

Need a website right now?

If China is knocking on your door and you need a quick fix, then use our 7-day web service that will see you online in Chinese in a week.

Our website solutions have been designed for micro, small, medium and big businesses or those who want a low-cost website to test the market.

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, send us your web content (in English), your logo if you have one and we do the rest, including translation.

You can customise your colour and look and use your own pictures or ours.

Choose a quick website solution:

We know you want to get started in China right away, that’s why we offer a super fast turnaround to make sure your website is up and running 7-14 days after we receive your information (depending on the number of pages you choose).

Not only are our Chinese language websites affordable but they will work hard for you, bringing Chinese customers right to your virtual door-step.

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