Export Strategy

Your Roadmap into China

If manufacturing is your game but exporting is new to you (or China is just too complicated) then we can help.

Together we can map out your future in China with a step-by-step customised blueprint for trade success – your Export Market Strategy.

This is no ordinary business document. It’s a detailed roadmap that identifies how you will get your products to China, who is going to buy them and the hidden traps along the way that you must avoid.

At China Blueprint, not only do we understand the complexities of the China market but we have the experience and connections to ensure a smooth, hassle-free path to market.

We make sense of the bewildering rules and regulations and put together a plan that fits your business and your budget. 

Your customised China Export Strategy will detail: 

  • How your products will get to China
  • Who is going to buy them and sell them
  • How you will get paid
  • How to protect your intellectual property
  • What marketing channels to use for awesome results

This will act as the framework for all your export activities, keeping you and your team focused and on track with realistic goals and the strategies to achieve them.

Don’t put China in the “too hard basket.” Book a free 1-hour consultation with a China Blueprint consultant to discuss your export requirements. 

This obligation free teleconference will kick-start your export campaign and give you a clear vision of what you need to do to be successful in China.

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