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Your First Step Towards Success

A Sourcing Report is a customised report providing you with a shortlist of 3 China-based manufacturers, each selected for quality, competency and experience. It details their business and manufacturing qualifications, includes cost quotations, trade terms and is prepared specifically with your product in mind. 

How do we find your factory?

After we learn about your product requirements we undertake research across China, shortlisting and matching the most suitable suppliers for you using our tried and proven techniques.

We do not introduce factories that we receive commissions from!

What do you get?

  • A full report shortlisting the top 3 factories from our research
  • Complete factory information
  • Details of their competencies, capacity and experience
  • Specific capabilities with reference to your products
  • Their verification documents and testing certificates

How long does it take?

The sourcing report takes between 2- 3 weeks to complete. 

What’s the purpose of a sourcing report?

It is designed to give you the confidence to take your project to the next stage – importing!

Do we make contact with the factory directly?

Yes, we believe this is the key. By working closely with a potential manufacturer while collecting information for this report we gain important insights into their service attitude. We want to ensure they pay attention to detail and are likely to be responsive to your needs.

We also want to ensure when they say ‘yes we can make it’ they mean it.

Why you can’t just find a supplier online…

Let’s face it, the internet has made sourcing appear easy. Unfortunately, experience has shown many new importers otherwise. Whilst trade websites, seem to address certain due diligence concerns, they are still just advertising platforms and rely on the supplier to be honest. Nothing beats experience. The ability to be able to talk to your supplier, physically go and visit them and know how the system works will also be better than simply relying on a website listing.

We are not an online service

Suppliers sourced by China Blueprint undergo our strict due diligence procedures – a multi-point checking process, designed to identify only manufacturers that are qualified. We avoid trading companies and only introduce our clients directly to the ultimate manufacturer of the goods.

What happens next?

A Sourcing Report is our entry-level service and once you receive it, you choose what happens next. There is no obligation to order or even use our services further. Of course, if you do need our further support, we are there to help you.


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