Import Order Management

We Manage The Factory, You Focus on Business

Being a successful importer doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. We have a service that helps you import your goods without stress and hassle. Using our team you reduce the many risks associated with importing from China, giving you more time to focus on your business at home.

It’s affordable and easy to get started

When selecting this service, China Blueprint effectively becomes your import office. You simply tell us your product specifications and we do the rest. You still make the key decisions – we simply act as your import coordinator.

What’s included?

We handle the following activities and communications with your supplier on your behalf;

  • Communicate your product specifications
  • Put your contracts in place
  • Handle your sample making
  • Manage your prototype development
  • Negotiate with your supplier
  • Check your import documentation
  • Coordinate testing and materials sign off
  • Inspect your goods *
  • Liaise with your logistics company
  • Provide immediate reporting to you on urgent issues

* Note: Inspections are optional and must be booked as an additional service.

Our same day reporting gives your peace of mind

Our reporting feature is an important part of this process as you still want to feel a sense of control. We will report to you within the hour – any communications that come back from your supplier that require your urgent attention. If they are urgent, we will contact you immediately. In some cases, we may even need to teleconference with your supplier, which we can also arrange, acting as an adviser and translator.

Why are we so good at importing?

We have been helping Australian importers for more than 5 years now. Many of the customers we started with are still with us today. Our people are experienced in China and in Chinese manufacturing. There are not many tricks left that we haven’t already seen – so we know what to look out for. You will be inheriting our knowledge, experience and success.

What does it cost?

You will be surprised. We charge on an hourly basis and only for work conducted. Its really affordable which is why we still have so many of our original customers.  We do not charge based on commissions.

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