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Your own unique business name in Chinese.

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Are you gearing up for your China campaign? Do you need a Chinese business name that reflects all the qualities your English one does and more!

Chinese is a unique language as the characters are made up of pictographs and one character can have multiple meanings. This means the translation needs to take into account, not only meaning but also visual and audible elements. Get it right and you will be the talk of the town – for the right reasons.

You receive;

  • Two name options to choose from
  • Online checks to ensure availability
  • Domain name checks to ensure availability

We can assist you with checking for Trademark availability in China, although this is a paid service and takes approximately 14 days. This service is provided by a local China-based legal firm on your behalf.

How it works

After receiving your order, we organise a teleconference which is our opportunity to hear about your unique brand and what the name means to you.  Translation takes approximately 5 business days and includes online checks for availability.


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