#China Easy Webinar Series

This webinar series is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to crack the Chinese consumer market using practical, low cost strategies to overcome the problems of language, culture and a challenging China business environment.
Each webinar in the 8-part #China Easy Webinar Series provides an essential building block to developing a complete market entry strategy for China, tailor-made to your business. You will learn how to market to China’s emerging middle class and massive online consumer market. 

Build a Chinese Language Website

Join us online for this 1-hour journey and learn the secrets to building a one-page or mini-website, that is mobile responsive, is in Chinese and that speaks to your Chinese customers.

We will walk you through: Chinese language links, choosing your layout, Chinese fonts, colours & symbols, images, content, call to action, authenticity, censorship, intellectual property, QR Codes, domain names and hosting. Your host, Lisa Goodhand, will answer your questions live throughout the webinar.

Selling to Chinese Tourists (NT)

Northern Territory Edition will show you exactly how to tap into the lucrative China market… and start making money right away.  

3 easy steps, perfect for SME’s and new businesses, 17 videos, 2 hours, buy online, view online.


Pitching to Chinese Investors

If you have a viable business or project and you are looking for investment, then you need to do this course. Learn what Chinese investors are looking for, how to position yourself and how to be pitch-perfect, even when you don’t speak Chinese.


At China Blueprint we are constantly working to find new ways to help business owners find ways to manage their own China export and marketing strategies. To do this, we have developed a range of eCourses that are simple and easy to follow with practical solutions.  

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