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Sell to China

In Australia we have a unique advantage – the world’s largest consumer market is practically on our doorstep. China Blueprint has the experience and contacts to guide you through the minefield of rules and regulations in China. We can get your products or services into the hands of Chinese consumers fast, so you can start making money straight away.

China Online

Tap into China, the world’s largest online consumer market where shoppers are cashed up and ready to buy. Our unique strategy targets the local Australian Chinese community for brand building and growth benefits that then filter into Mainland China. We offer simple, scalable solutions that work - perfect for small to medium-sized business.

Made in China

The first critical step for any would-be importer is sourcing a factory. But when there are thousands of factories to choose from, how can you be sure which one is right for you? For your peace of mind, we help you find your perfect factory, coordinate samples, place your order and inspect your goods before they leave.

What People Are Saying

“Lisa Goodhand is smart strategic thinker, navigating the complex world of doing business in China. She is not just about theory, her strategies are very tangible and actionable. Such a pleasure to work with.” 


Director, Tiny Hunter

“The China Blueprint team have demonstrated an exceptional level of knowledge, service and value over the past six years and we envisage working with China Blueprint well into the future.”


Partner, Madison Cross

“China Blueprint Consultants are knowledgeable experts in their industry. I highly recommend their services. We have refering our own clients for the past 8 years and continue to do so.”


Director Sales, Stockwell International


Canton Fair – now an online event!

In response to COVID 19 and travel restrictions, this year's Canton Fair is taking place online for both sellers and buyers, 15th - 24th June 2020. From all appearances, it appears to to be working and looks to be the new norm as travel restrictions continue to...

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Getting Great Samples – 10 Simple Steps

With the current global pandemic, it's now more important than ever to stay home, which means doing business from home too. Here's our out top 10 tips to helping you get great samples from China without leaving home. The right factory Choosing the right factory sounds...

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Take Your Global Business Online or….

Economies worldwide have taken a hit. Operating your business inside your local bubble is no longer enough, you need to cast your net globally. In this blog, we explore the challenges small business owners are currently facing and what they need to do for their future viability.

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Artificial Intelligence – it’s the future of translation

Why you no longer need to learn Chinese for your business... As a business owner there’s no doubt you're already busy, in fact you’re probably stretched to the max. So why not throw learning a new language into the mix. How about Chinese? For most of us, it’s just...

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